We deliver American Heart Association CPR classes for the public as well as our members on the second Thursday of the month at our Headquarters in the Northeast Classroom area.   Contact  the Fire District HQ at 447-5000 to register and arrange to pick up books prior to the class.  To determine which course is appropriate for you, please read the following descriptions carefully.

Heartsaver CPR classes run from 9 am to Noon.   Tuition is $50 for non-members.  Heartsaver CPR is appropriate for those who need a basic CPR course including the use of AED’s but who do not need the depth that comes with “BLS”.   This course is the choice for childcare providers and most businesses that are not in the healthcare environment.

BLS (formerly known as Healthcare Provider CPR) classes run from 1 pm to 5pm.  Tuition is $50 for non-members. This is the required course for EMR’s, EMT’s, Paramedics and most healthcare professionals.  In addition to the core material also included in the Heartsaver course, this course includes bag-valve-mask ventilation and CPR for all ages from infant through adult.

Those who have taken an AHA online BLS course and who only desire a skills check should register for the BLS course and plan to arrive at 3pm.  Cost for skills check students is $15.

We endeavor to provide cards at the conclusion of these courses whenever possible.  Cards have a recommended renewal date of two years from the month of the class.

For those who desire a specific class for their group of 5 or more, we will attempt to match up available dates and times with you.  Group CPR classes are best held in our facilities at 2201 Interstate 70 Drive NW in Columbia.

First Aid classes will be scheduled as needed. Tuition is $50 for non-members.  We are happy to bring First Aid to your location if you desire for groups of 5 or more although, like CPR, our preference is to utilize our facility for First Aid classes.  Heartsaver First Aid can be customized to your group’s needs and so we ask for some advance planning and communication.  Contact our Headquarters at 447-5000 to request a First Aid course.

Fire District member tuition is free for all of these classes.